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A Look At SEO Reseller Programs

If you run a digital marketing agency, you are bound to get queries from people who need help with search engine optimization (SEO).

An SEO reseller program will allow you to bring those clients onboard and deliver powerful results, without having to build out an internal SEO team.

This maximizes your profit and growth potential, which is why so many agencies are looking for good white label SEO companies to partner with.

If you are looking for white label link building or on-page SEO services that you can resell, we’ve got you covered!

What Does an SEO Reseller Do?

An SEO reseller works for agencies that lack the resources to offer SEO services, from creating content to building backlinks.

The agency performs the tasks required in the SEO campaign and sends reports that do not bear their brand name. In return, the white label agency is paid a set fee or commission. The rest of the campaign amount goes to you as revenue.

Throughout your relationship with the white label agency, you remain the point of contact with the client, so they will not even know that the other agency exists.

How Much Does SEO Reselling Cost?

If you are thinking about hiring a white label agency to handle SEO services on your behalf, you may be wondering about how much it would cost you in the long run.

Since you are outsourcing the service to another agency, you will have to markup the price of your SEO package. That means you may need to increase your pricing to cover the agency’s fee. This extra cost is passed on to the client.

There are numerous pricing options to consider, but most SEO reselling programs offer either flat-fee pricing and multi-tiered pricing.

Paying a Flat-Fee for A Package

If you want to maximize your profits, ask if you can pay a flat fee for an entire SEO package. The agency will handle all aspects of the campaign for a one-time payment so you won’t have to shoulder any additional costs. The downside to a flat-fee pricing model is that you get exactly what you pay for.

There are agencies that promote themselves as “white label” and offer SEO packages with lower than average rates. While it might be tempting to offload a client’s campaign to these agencies, you wouldn’t know exactly how the results will turn out. Make sure you research  these agencies before drafting out an agreement.

Customized & A La Carte Pricing

On the other hand, a multi-tiered model determines the price of an SEO package based on the duration and complexity of the campaign. Under this model, each component of the campaign is priced differently. If the work involves writing guest posts, you could pay a fee for each post or for every hour that’s spent writing a post.

In this case, you can request a quote from the agency and ask for a custom SEO package that aligns with the needs of the client. This provides you with greater flexibility, especially if it’s a recurring campaign.

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Reasons Why You Need an SEO Reseller

If you are still unsure if SEO reselling is the best route to take, consider these possibilities:

1. You want your agency to compete for more clients

Since 2020, businesses have made the important decision to build their online presence and are reaching out to digital marketing agencies for help. Eventually, they will look past yours if it doesn’t offer SEO services.

The market for digital marketing services is continuously growing. Your agency will have to compete with other companies that already offer SEO services. While it takes time to build an SEO service, reselling allows you to prevent a potential client from looking elsewhere.

2. You want your agency to grow

If you want to grow your agency, you will need to offer more than just blogging, email marketing, and social media. Adding search marketing to the mix allows you to expand your offerings.

While you are in the process of creating an SEO service, you can still accept SEO-related tasks with the help of a white label agency. Through SEO reselling, you can still cater to business owners who need SEO support even if you lack the experience. In effect, you get to diversify your services and generate revenue.

3. You want to decrease the risk of handling SEO campaigns

SEO is a time-consuming and highly technical aspect of digital marketing. Given how drastic search algorithms change, your client needs an expert who can navigate the intricacies of search marketing.

Lacking experience will only lead to costly mistakes. If a client doesn’t like the results, you risk poor reviews and your ability to generate more SEO clients.

An SEO reseller is equipped with the tools and knowledge to help the client’s website rank. Offloading the job to a capable SEO service provider gives you peace of mind since you know the campaign is in expert hands.

4. You want to add to your business’s credibility

Businesses are bound to ask if you are a full-service agency that can do more than run email campaigns and promote podcast episodes. Offering SEO can position your agency alongside other major SEO providers.

An SEO reseller can help you achieve that goal. By handling your SEO campaigns, they can put your agency front and center. The best part is that you don’t need to spend too much time trying to build a reputation as an SEO service provider

5. You need quick access to expert SEO skills

As a digital marketer, you know that it takes a lot of time and effort to become an expert in search marketing. Even if you are an SEO specialist, nothing can prepare you for the latest algorithm changes that will render your stock knowledge of search engines obsolete.

Recruiting an in-house SEO team consisting of veteran search marketers will be a slow and costly process, but an SEO reseller can help you with this task.

By hiring an SEO reseller, you won’t have to spend time and money running a recruitment campaign, selecting the best candidates, negotiating the terms of their employment, and paying mandated benefits. Instead, you’ll have access to the most essential skills and experience you need to get started on a client’s campaign from day one.

6. You want to focus on critical matters

By offloading an SEO campaign to a reseller, you are able to gain more time for other important tasks. You can use the extra time to market your own brand and enhance the quality of your services.

What Can an SEO Reseller Do for You?

SEO resellers provide an array of services depending on the specific needs of the client. These may include:

Keyword research: Using the right tools, the agency can produce complete keyword lists that align with the client’s industry and niche. These lists may include suggested words and phrases that get the most clicks and traffic.

Audit reports: For clients wanting to optimize their websites, an accurate SEO audit is essential. The agency can crawl the website and identity pages with broken backlinks, missing meta-descriptions, and UX issues that can impact searchability.

Search-optimized content: The agency has a team of content writers who can write high-quality, industry-relevant content while using cutting-edge content optimization tools & techniques.

Link building: They can pitch a blog topics and craft content that links back to the client’s website. In addition, they can also perform niche edits to seek out valuable link-building opportunities.

What’s the Trade-Off With an SEO Reseller?

Much like everything else in the world of digital marketing, working with an SEO reseller might not give you (and the client) the results you expect. Before you get started on hiring an SEO reseller for your digital marketing business, here are a few issues you will need to be aware of.


If you’re getting another agency to work on the client’s SEO campaign and passing the work off as yours, the campaign will be your responsibility.

If the SEO reseller doesn’t do a good job, they won’t have to answer for it in front of the client. It’s your agency that will be at the receiving end of a complaint.

This is often the case with many SEO resellers that offer low rates and produce subpar results to the agencies that hired them. If you value your agency’s reputation, you will need to be extra careful when looking for SEO resellers. The last thing you will need is an agency that will put your digital marketing business on the hot seat.


When it comes to reporting the progress of an SEO campaign, you will need to commit to the client’s preferred schedule. It’s impossible to know exactly when a webpage will show up on the first page of the search results.

You will want to let your client know that their budget is at work by meeting deadlines and producing accurate reports. If the SEO reseller you are working with isn’t reliable, you could end up missing critical deadlines, producing messy reports, building low-quality links, and creating content that gets penalized.

Your client expects the best from you, so it’s only proper to expect the best from the agency that works for you.


There are SEO agencies that look legitimate on the surface, but are actually in the business of stealing sensitive data. These agencies could ask for access to the client’s accounts, so if you are not careful, you could unknowingly expose your client’s data.

Preventing this scenario would mean drafting a clear agreement that minimizes the agency’s access to client information and limits them to the task at hand.

How to Find a Reliable White Label SEO Service

Many of the issues above can be avoided by reaching out to a legitimate agency offering white label SEO services. To help you on your search, consider the following:

  • Experience in SEO: You want to work with a professional company and not just a boutique service or freelancer that only has limited experience. Getting the best results means finding the best specialists in the field.
    Background in your market: If your agency is active in a specific industry, you will want to work with an SEO reseller that has experience in the client’s industry. This is crucial if you are required to write search-optimized yet educational and informative content.
    Cost of their SEO reseller program or services: Before you enter into an agreement with an SEO reseller, you will want to check their rates and see if they are within the client’s budget. From this, you will know how much revenue you are set to gain throughout the reseller program.
  • Flexible services that fit your client billing models: If your clients are not on long-term contracts, you will want a white label SEO agency that offers a la carte services, enabling you to get what you need without being forced into an ongoing contract.

By completing your due diligence, you will be able to find a white label SEO partner that won’t let you down.

Does Stellar SEO Have an SEO Reseller Program?

Over the past few years, we have found that many agencies who reach out to us are in need of an SEO reseller program that can help them meet their content and link-building needs. At Stellar SEO, we specialize in link-building, and content creation. If you are looking for white label content writing services or link building, keep reading.

SEO Reseller Services

To maintain the highest level of quality, we focus on delivering just a few services. Our white label SEO services include:

Each of these services is designed with a quality-first mindset. While these are not the cheapest options on the market, the quality and expertise that goes into every deliverable will keep your clients happy, and produce results.

If you are interested in learning more about our SEO reseller program, get in touch today.

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