Link Building for Healthcare Companies in 2022

link building for healthcare companies

In an industry where there is a high demand for quality services, it has become increasingly important for healthcare providers to spend time and resources on search engine optimization (SEO).

Today’s healthcare consumers rely on Google Search to find the services they need. In order to become more visible to their audience, medical practitioners and institutions must use the right approaches for boosting their website rankings and generating high volumes of organic traffic. 

One of these approaches is link building for healthcare providers. This guide will give you the essentials of starting a link-building campaign that will bring your medical practice to the top of the search engine results pages.

Why is link building important for healthcare companies?

Apart from social media and content marketing, healthcare professionals will also need to build quality backlinks. For this reason, any healthcare digital marketing campaign must include a well-planned link building strategy.

Search engines like Google prioritize websites that earn backlinks from external websites. If bloggers or influencers publish posts that link to a specific webpage on your site, you will be able to boost your chances of reaching the top of the SERPs. 

With link building as a component of your digital marketing strategy, you will be able to tell Google’s search algorithm that your healthcare website is useful. Here are the added benefits of link building for healthcare providers: 

Increases traffic

With an effective link-building strategy, you can generate traffic from other places on the web. This is done when people click on a link that redirects them to a certain page on your website. In addition, earning quality backlinks also boosts your website’s presence and increases your conversion rate. 

Builds authority 

Search engines favor websites that add value to users. If respected organizations or influencers add a link to any piece of content on your website, your medical practice becomes more credible in the eyes of your target audience. 

Enhances visibility

For your healthcare services to gain exposure, you need a link building strategy to persuade Google that your website deserves a better page rank. If you want to stand out from other clinics and practitioners in the local healthcare industry, building backlinks can bring your website to the first page of the SERPs and attract people who seek your expertise.


How to prepare for a healthcare link building campaign?

There is more to building backlinks than meets the eye. You will need to make sure you are getting the best returns from the time and resources you spend without getting penalized by Google’s evolving search algorithm. 

Building spammy links and creating low-quality content won’t take you far. You will need to rely on white hat SEO techniques that are likely to position your medical practice at the top of the website rankings. Here’s what you need to do in order to develop a legitimate link building program that delivers the best results:

Know your target audience

Any marketing strategy requires an understanding of your target audience. This involves knowing the kind of information that engages the people who need your services. For this, look for authority healthcare websites that your audience finds helpful in case they have a medical issue. You also have to determine your audience’s browsing behaviors. Taking the time to do audience research can help you create quality content like guest posts that include links to your website. 

Perform keyword research

Link building for healthcare providers also involves writing anchor text which tells visitors what to expect when they click on a link. For instance, if you want to redirect visitors to a webpage containing details on a root canal treatment, your best link might include a phrase like “the benefits of a root canal treatment” or “why get a root canal treatment.” Apart from that, you will also need to look for keywords that can boost the visibility of your link-building content, just be sure not to use too many keywords in your anchor texts. 

Create a plan to monitor your campaign

Just like any other campaign in healthcare marketing, you will need to keep track of the long-term and short-term results that your link-building efforts have produced. Consider seeking out new opportunities for building backlinks and checking the amount of traffic you have gained. 


5 Healthcare link building strategies

The success of your link-building efforts relies on applying the right techniques. Here are five effective ones. 

Blogger Outreach

The most basic way to earn backlinks for your website is by contributing quality content to authority websites. Try to look for news platforms in the healthcare industry and see if they are accepting posts. After pitching a topic for an article and getting approval from the website owner, you will be able to add a link that redirects readers to your website. Since you are not “guest posting” it will also help you avoid the footprint that would be created by getting links from your author bio. Guest postings is great for referral traffic, blogger outreach is better for gaining links with SEO value.

Become A Source

Another way you can earn high-quality backlinks is through outreach. Healthcare bloggers often cite or mention professionals in the field who can share qualified opinions. You can try to reach out to these bloggers and provide them with a case study or article they can use for their next topic. 

Sponsor an event

You may also seek out other professionals and organizations who can use your medical practice as a source for industry news. Attending medical conferences, trade shows, and seminars gives you the opportunity to build your reputation. This will encourage people to visit your website and use your content as references. 

Apply for awards

If your medical practice received local, national, or international recognition, you can use this prestige to build quality links. You might want to mention your recent achievements by posting about them on your official social media pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition, you can even talk about the awards you have received on your next email send-outs or blog postings. Last but not least, use the hype to do outreach to media outlets who might pick up your story.  

Get listed on business directories

Having a presence in trustworthy directories can also boost your link-building campaign. These online directories provide details about your practice and how patients can reach out. For this, look for medical sites with high domain authority and register your practice. Make sure you complete all the necessary information, including links to your website and your social media pages. 


When executed properly, your link-building campaign can bring a lot of new patients to your medical practice. However, it takes patience and expertise to reach out to authority sites and bloggers and build backlinks that can boost your website’s visibility. 

If you would rather spend your time on running and growing your practice, check out our managed link building services.

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